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Your Hosts
Captains Ken and Ellen Barnes are newly-retired from 25 years as owners and operators of the famed historic Schooner Stephen Taber. Their reputations in warm hospitality and professional excellence are widely known. Over the years they have been featured nationally on ABC, NBC and CBS. They were showcased during their final cruise by CBS Sunday Morning. Ellen's appearance on the Food Network airs frequently. Ellen's cookbook, A Taste of the Taber, illustrated by Ken, has become a classic both afloat and ashore and is currently in its fifth edition. The book was featured, along with Ellen, in a cooking segment of 207 from NBC affiliate WCSH Channel 6 in Portland, Maine. See video of these and other appearances on our Press page.

Attention to detail with an eye for the aesthetic is the hallmark of this unique couple who after 46 years of marriage have retained that youthful spark for one another that seems to infect those that they encounter. Both are extensive world travelers and collectors, and the inn features a wide range of marine art.

Ellen & Ken Barnes
Captains Ellen and Ken Barnes

Fairy Tales Do Come True on the Coast of Maine: A True Story
Patricia Payeur
Patricia Payeur
After several years inn keeping on the Schoodic peninsula in Downeast Maine where the "summer people" leave by Labor Day and everything else shuts down, I decided I would look for a place to live that was more year round. Early last spring I came to Camden to interview for a new innkeeper position. Afterward, I was exploring the area and couldn't resist stopping in Rockland to walk around and explore. I had been enjoying the lovely neighborhood surrounding downtown Rockland and was on my way back to where I had parked on Main Street when I came upon this beautiful sun-colored brick building with a sign hanging over the sidewalk that read "Capt. Lindsey House Inn". I said to myself, "Oh wouldn't this be a perfect place to work?"

I spent a couple of hours more taking in the beautiful Harbor Park and the great boardwalk and sitting in the Rock City Books & Coffee shop. I savored my first of many cups to come of the best coffee in the world, especially the neighborhood camaraderie of the guests sitting around enjoying their pastries, working on laptops, reading and chatting.
And cell phone rang...asking me to come for an interview at? The Captain Lindsey House Inn! This is a true story! I swear!!! I said in disbelief, "I didn't even know I had applied for a position in Rockland." She answered that the ad had only said, "in the Midcoast." Then it was her turn to be surprised that I was in Rockland, would come right over - and didn't need directions.

What a pleasurable experience when I first walked through that welcoming red door of The Captain Lindsey House! The ambiance Captains Ken and Ellen Barnes have created here in this beautiful 1835 federal style building is a combination of comfortable elegance, old world charm, European influence, appropriate nautical touches...and it is so very welcoming! But the courtyard garden is the biggest surprise!

Meeting Captains Ken and Ellen, who are truly larger than life characters, brought the fairy tale to life. And who wouldn't want to live a fairy tale life on the beautiful coast of Maine? Or at least stay for awhile? I hope you'll join us soon in this beautiful sun-colored inn they call The Captain Lindsey House. You won't want to leave either.  

In The Early Days

In its early days Captain George Lindsey

It was way back in 1832 that Captain George Lindsey, a bold mariner and prominent citizen, fired the bricks for this noble structure. Five years later, he transformed his home into what is thought to be the town's oldest inn, complete with livery stable and popular tavern.

Now lovingly restored and filled with artifacts and furnishings gathered the world over, the inn is embued with a gentle, relaxing graciousness that harks back to its earliest days.

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